Yabancılar Hukuku için Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

Frequently Asked Questions for Law of Foreigners

  1. Can funds could be transferred from third party account ; and wether funds can be transferred to Developer Account directly with out opening bank account by the investor in Turkey?

  2. How many visit to Turkey required; how we can minimise these visits?

  3. Time time of all the steps to finally getting Citizenship? Will Citizenship and Passport with 6 months?

  4. Whether Syrian National can get Citizenship by purchase of property or by buying Government Bonds or by Deposit?

  5. Are any nationals who can not get Nationality under Turkish Law?

  6. What is Income Tax on rental income? And what is law as to Tax Residency?

  7. Do SPA needs Notarisation? And also do Agency or Partnership Agreements need Notarisation?

  8. What is Property Transfer Fee in Buyer? And Stamp Duty On SPA?

  9. What is the wealth tax law on property?

  10. If a child is 18+ and is mentally disabled, will there be an exception to include him/her as a dependent?

  11. Will the children have to serve in army?

  12. The passport is issued for 10 years and is renewed normally? Would there be any requirements at renewal to be fulfilled?

  13. What is the law for passing down citizenship to next generations? How will the spouse of the dependent children now will get the citizenship later?

  14. What would be a rough figure for maintaining the property?